GOVNA Voltage Optimiser

What is a Voltage Optimiser?

The GOVNA (General Over Voltage Negating Appliance) regulates your electricity by providing a voltage which is closer to the design parameters of your appliances.

The GOVNA has been designed specifically for the UK market and with todays renewable technologies in mind.

Many of the appliances on the market today are rated at 220 to 230V. However many solar inverters produce voltages higher than 250V! This causes appliances to fail prematurely and consume more energy during their lifetime.

By reducing the electrical demand we are increasing the return on investment on Heat Pumps, Solar PV, Biomass and LED lighting.

Benefits of GOVNA

  • Save up to 15% on your electricity.
    From the moment your GOVNA is installed you will save between 6% and 15% on your power use.
  • Protect your electrical appliances.
    All of your electrical appliances will benefit from lasting longer due to decreased power consumption.
  • Easy to Install.
    GOVNA can be installed in less than 1 hour and will provide savings throughout it's lifetime.
  • Low cost investment.
    GOVNA typically pays for itself within 5 years and is designed with a 25+ year life expectancy.

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