Who are Greentec?

Greentec Ltd was established in 2013 by our two Directors, Jamie and Stuart.

Having both worked in the Energy market for a number of years, we saw first hand how much profit energy companies make from domestic and commercial customers.

Whilst fully believing in the long term benefits of renewable energy solutions, we both felt there was a huge amount of unnecessary cost involved in terms of advertising, out-sourcing work, etc. that our former employers were having to meet due to their business models. Costs which they had to pass on to their customers.

Have you ever had that feeling...?

"If I was in charge, I could do it much better than that!"

Well, we did! We saw the potential to create our own business, which, with our industry knowledge and desire to provide a better service for the customer, we knew we could make a success.

Time for a better deal

This wasted money, as we saw it, would give us the margins to provide our customers with a much better service, by offering the same, if not better equipment and solutions, installed by in-house teams, but at a much more realistic price, due to lower overheads.

As a Renewable Energy Solutions Provider, it seemed natural to SAVE on COST by NOT WASTING MONEY and to pass those savings on to our customers.

No bills

Customer focused, service orientated

Our goal is to ensure not only the best deal for you, the customer, but also to provide a level of service that is second-to-none. We appreciate that investing money in renewable energy is a big decision, so we deliver an end-to-end service to ensure your project runs smoothly from start to finish.

We believe in accountability, which is why every job begins with a free on-site survey carried out by ourselves. This ensures that you benefit from our years of experience, rather than being faced with a pushy salesman working on commission.

We use this time to discuss the different alternatives available to you, to establish the work required and to make sure you understand and are happy with all aspects of our proposals.

Greentec's Holistic Approach to Renewable Energy

Another trick we felt the majority of energy companies were missing was advising customers of the benefits of taking a holistic approach to renewable energy, by combining several renewable technologies, with a goal to becoming totally self sufficient in terms of energy usage and generation.

Ecological house

According to BBC News - Energy bills: Where does my money go?, the average annual dual-fuel bill - covering gas and electricity - is about £1,264 per household. Your bill may be higher or lower.

Now imagine if you didn't have a gas or electricity bill. You would save that entire amount every year, by becoming self sufficient. Over 20 years that would be a saving of over £25,000.

We can specify a holistic system for you for less than £20,000 which would enable you to achieve self sufficiency.

Self sufficiency

By combining the right technologies such as Solar PV, Solar Thermal Hot Water and Air Source Heat Pumps, we can ensure you also receive payments from the Feed-In Tariff, RHI, etc. so that you don't just save £5000 over the 20 years, but earn thousands of pounds in the process.

This means that our holistic approach pays for itself far sooner, allowing you to earn an income from using renewable technologies much more quickly.

Call Greentec Now!

The best time to go for renewable energy is right now. The early adopters have gotten better tariff rates which are index linked and can last for 20 years. To find out how much you could save/earn from renewable energy, simply give us a call.


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2. Your Consultation

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3. Your Solution

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